How do I deal with VAT?

VAT is only relevant if you are located in Europe, for Creators or customers alike.

If you're a customer in the EU (even just visiting), we have to charge you VAT based on the country's rate; usually around 20%. If you're VAT registered, input your VAT number at checkout and you will not be charged.

As a Creator who's not VAT registered, you don't have to worry about VAT at all. There will be VAT added to your products (if your customers are in the EU), but you don't have to take any steps in regards to it.

For a Creator who is VAT registered, you'll have to charge FlippedNormals VAT on top of your what you're being paid - by sending us a VAT invoice. We'll be in touch before the payout every month to make sure you know how much to charge us and with other practical information. Please also input your VAT number in your profile to make this easier.

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