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Download Issues

Managing download issues & resetting download limits

4 articles

Product Issues

Managing product issues & contacting Creators

5 articles

Purchases & Refunds

Requesting a refund, dealing with VAT & payment options

8 articles


Everything you need to know about licenses before you purchase a product

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Account Management

Managing your account, change your password & personal information

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General Questions

Software issues, portfolio feedback & general help

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Payouts & Earnings

Payout dates, refunds, commission rates & fees

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Product Upload

Pricing your product, choosing a license & adding files

7 articles

Creator Dashboard

Managing your store, change your payout details & check your statistics

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Sell More

Create sales, become a better teacher & improve your products

8 articles

Customer Support

How to provide good support & keep your customers happy

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General Questions

Managing applications, our affiliate system & other general info

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