VAT troubleshooting

"Invalid, Company name has changed"

If you get this error message while checking out, it's because the name you input is not exactly the same as what you registered. You can check your VAT number and official company name here

You're charged VAT and you live outside of the EU

If you've been charged VAT and you live outside of the EU, you need to make sure that you've input the correct country while checking out. You also need to make sure that you're not going through some kind of proxy or VPN, as that might route your traffic through the EU.

VAT is only relevant if you are located in Europe, for Creators or customers alike

If you're a customer in the EU (even just visiting), we have to charge you VAT based on the country's rate; usually around 20%. If you're VAT registered, input your VAT number at checkout and you will not be charged.

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