We are keeping our license types as simple as we can. There are three kinds of licenses: Commercial, Personal and Custom. A Personal license allows Customers to work with the product by themselves for non-commercial purposes. The Commercial license allows customers to basically do anything with the product, apart from reselling it. A Custom license can have whatever terms you decide, and is great when you need to sell to a studio, for instance.

With a commercial license, a customer may use it for any commercial purpose and share * it with their team members and fellow students. They may also sell and share the end product, meaning that if they bought a kit-bashing kit and made a spaceship, they're allowed to sell the spaceship - just not the original kit itself.

  Personal License Commercial License
Personal Projects Yes Yes   
Commercial Projects No Yes 
School/University work Yes Yes 
Resell as is No No   
Sell end product No Yes   
Non-Profit work Yes Yes   
Share with team No Yes *    

*Single Seat Only: Everything in the categories Brushes and Tools

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