Direct Sales: How does it work?

If FlippedNormals sells a product on your behalf, you get 75% of the sale. If you sell directly to your customers using your referral link, you get a whopping 95%.

Not only do you get 95% of your own sales, you also get 30%* percent of ANY sales done on FlippedNormals when your referral link is used. This is where it gets fun as you can leverage the power of marketing to make money when a customer buys somebody else's product.

For a detailed breakdown of how much you earn per sale, read more here

FlippedNormals Sells on Your Behalf 

Creator: 75%
FlippedNormals: 25%

You Sell Directly to Customers

Your products: 95%
Other Creator's products: 30%
FlippedNormals: 5%

Fees may apply. Read more here

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