How much do I earn per sale?

How much you earn depends on how the customer finds your product. We have two different percentages:

  • For sales through your referral link, you get 90%* of the total sale. Please read more about the Referral Program here
  • If the customer finds your product through the marketplace on FlippedNormals, you get 60% of the total sale

Calculate your earnings

To calculate what you make on each product sold use this formula (((39.99)*0.6)-0.5) 

  • 39.99 is the price of the product (Replace this with the price of your product)
  • 0.6 is your rate of 60%
  • 0.5 is the default $ fee

Keep in mind

There's a $0.5 charge on all sales. Please read more about fees here.

*3% credit card fee applies.

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