Affiliate: How does it work?

If somebody buys your product by finding it on FlippedNormals, you get 60% of the sale. However, if you provide the customer with an affiliate link, you get a whopping 90%*. The split is now 90/10 in your favour. This means that you can now do your own marketing where you encourage the customers to use your link. 

Not only do you get 90% of your own sales, you get 30%* percent of ANY sales done on FlippedNormals, when your affiliate code is used. This is where it gets fun! If somebody uses your affiliate link to go to FlippedNormals, but ultimately doesn't buy your product but buys somebody else's product, you now get a very comfortable 30%* of that sale. You will literally make money from a customer buying somebody else's product. 

This gives you a really good incentive to share your affiliate link.

How does this work? 

We simply change how earnings are distributed.

Without Affiliate

Creator: 60%
FlippedNormals: 40%

With Affiliate

Creator: 60%
Affiliate Holder: 30%*
FlippedNormals: 10%

*3% credit card fee applies. FlippedNormals will pay the credit card fees the product is found on the marketplace, while the creator pays them if a affiliate link is used.

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