I can't find my purchase in My Library

If you bought a product and you can't find it in My Library, there are a few likely reasons:

  • You have more than one email account and you're checking the wrong one. If you didn't get purchase confirmation email, this could be one of the reasons. Make sure to check both your personal and work email.
  • The email you typed when ordering has spelling mistakes. You can check this by going to your email inbox. If you didn't get a purchase confirmation email, there's most likely a spelling mistake somewhere in the email. Please contact FlippedNormals Support and we'll get right to it!
  • If you need to contact FlippedNormals Support about a missing purchase, make sure to include:
    • The specific product you bought (a link to the product is perfect)
    • Order number
    • Time of purchase
    • Invoice (if you got a purchase confirmation email).

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