My application was declined

There can be several reasons why your application was declined, some of which have nothing to do with your work. Therefore, we've listed some of the most common reasons below to help you prepare for applying again.

Link to your products

We often see that applicants attach a link to their portfolio instead of their products and don't give a clear description of what they want to sell. We judge applicants based on the products they wish to upload, rather than their portfolio. This is because a 3D character artist might be selling alpha's or Photoshop brushes which means we're unable to judge whether you'd be a good fit for the marketplace based solely on your portfolio.

Presentation skills

Good presentation skills are key to a successful application. These are the factors we look for when judging a product:

  • A clear description of the product. What is it, what can it do, who is it for, etc.
  • Nice renders and close-ups that give get a well-rounded idea of what you're selling. Renders should be well lit, show details clearly and show all relevant angles of the product. 
  • Show an example use-case of your product; instead of only showing an image of your photoshop brushes, show a picture you painted using them. This is to give customers a clear idea of how the product behaves in production.

Quality is key

The majority of your products must be a good fit for the marketplace, meaning they must hit a certain quality bar similar to what is already being sold on FlippedNormals. If an application has 10 different products and only one or two of them hit the quality bar, this application would not be successful.

We rarely judge an applicant based on their portfolio work, we make a decision based on the products they currently have for sale. It's therefore a good idea to have at least one product for sale at the time of your application.

You are more than welcome to submit another application once you're ready and our team would be happy to have a second look :) 

Need more information?

If you've read through the above and it still doesn't make sense why your application has been declined, feel free to contact us. So we can help you faster, make sure you include the following information:

  • A link to the store or portfolio you applied with
  • A description of what you wish to sell and relevant links to these products
  • Let us know why you feel your application should be reconsidered for approval

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