How do I create a Sales Campaign?

You can create a Sales Campaign from your "Sales & Discounts" menu in your Creator Dashboard:

Sales Campaigns lets everyone with a store on FlippedNormals schedule and host their own sales. It's frequently used by our top earners, and we highly recommend you try it out. Here's a quick overview:

  • No limits to how many sales you can schedule
  • No limits to how long a sale can last
  • Include all products on your store or only a select few
  • Supports discounts between 1 and 99%
  • Sales scheduled for today's date go live immediately after saving

Good to Know

There are a few things to be aware of when creating a Sales Campaign. We've collected a handy list for you here:

1. UTC Timezone

Sales Campaigns use the UTC timezone. This means that unless you've scheduled your Sales Campaign for right away, it will go live on the selected start date at 00:00 AM UTC and end on the selected end date at 11:59 PM UTC. 

The dates in the calendar picker are also based on the UTC timezone, so depending on your location, your timezone might be 1 day ahead of UTC. If this happens, there'll be a handy little notice for you in the calendar so you can work around it. 

See the UTC time here:

2. Low-Priced Products

Free licenses and $1 products are not affected by Sales Campaigns. Your final price after the discount is applied cannot be less than $1, which means that if you try to create a 50% sale on a $1.50 product, it would result in a price of $0.75. This is lower than $1 - therefore, this product will not be affected by your 50% sale.

3. Storewide Sale Priority

If you're opted-in to storewide sales, a live Storewide Sale will take priority over your Sales Campaign if they happen to affect the same product. Here's an example:

  • You're opted-in to Storewide Sales with a discount percentage of 50%
  • You're currently running a Sales Campaign on all your products with a discount percentage of 60%
  • A Storewide Sale is launched that affects all products in the category Tutorials
  • Your tutorials will not be discounted by 50% (Storewide Sale takes priority)
  • The rest of your products remain discounted at 60%

4. Discount Percentage Priority

The system is flexible, and you can schedule multiple campaigns including the same product at the same time. If you decide to do this, the highest discount percentage will take priority. Here's an example:

  • You've created a Sales Campaign on all your products with a discount percentage of 30%
  • The Sales Campaign is scheduled to last from Monday to Friday
  • You've created a second Sales Campaign for one of your products with a discount percentage of 60%
  • The second Sales Campaign is scheduled for Wednesday only
  • The one product that is included in both campaigns will be 30% off on Monday-Tuesday, then 60% off on Wednesday, and then 30% off on Thursday-Friday

Top Tips on How to Earn More

Sales Campaigns gives you control of discounts and lets you create powerful marketing initiatives for your customers. Combine it with our top tips below and you're ready to increase your earnings starting today:

1. Social Media

Market your sale on all your social media. If you have a newsletter, this is also a great way to promote your campaigns. 

2. Plan Ahead

Schedule your sales for times when customers are already looking for discounts. A New Year sale, a Halloween sale, or a Black Friday sale are all examples of these. 

3. Earn 95%

Share the Direct Sale links in your Manage Products dashboard to get 95% commission on each sale.

4. Frequency

Host frequent sales on different products. Many of our best-selling Creators host at least one sale a month, so don't be afraid always to have a good offer for your customers.

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