Optimising file size to make downloading easier

Optimizing the file size is good for everyone: It's faster to upload and download - and our servers are less likely to catch on fire.

Ways of reducing file size

  • Zip your product! On Windows, you can right-click on your product folder, Send to -> Compressed (zipped folder). Please zip the product instead of using obscure compression formats, as your customers might have issues with opening your products.
  • On a Mac, right-click on the folder or files you want to zip,  then select ‚ÄúCompress Item"
  • Use  HandBreak to compress your video files. HandBreak was forged using black magic and it will reduce your video files dramatically without sacrificing quality. Here's a tutorial on using it. Whenever we make any products containing video files, we always take it through HandBreak, as it will really save you a lot of space. 
  • Go through your product to make sure that it only contains necessary files. If you're making a ZBrush tutorial, maybe it's not necessary to include a full ZBrush Project and that an OBJ will suffice. For a texturing tutorial, maybe changing the file format from uncompressed tif to png is fine.

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