What can I sell on FlippedNormals?

You may sell any training course or resource you see fit aimed at the creative industry! Here are some general tips to help you come up with ideas:

Sell your byproduct

  • When you're working, you often end up with a lot of byproducts, like textures, models, HDRIs, scripts and much more. Take some of your resources, refine them and put them up for sale. 
  • Figure out what you know well and make training on this. Most people underestimate what they know! Everyone can be an instructor in something.

Introduction courses

  • Introduction courses are really popular among new users. If you're experienced in a specific software or tool, think back on what you would've needed when you were a beginner and make training for your former self
  • Make tools and resources which you'd use yourself! At FlippedNormals, all the resources we've made ourselves, are tools we'd use personally, such as the FlippedNormals Creature Kit and the FlippedNormals Lighting Scenes 2.0. These products were born from the desire to not having to redo work all the time. Think about work you do often and then figure out a way to speed it up! 

Advanced topics

  • People are craving content on advanced topics! Once students go past the beginner's phase, they will need intermediate and advanced content to really take their skills to the next level. Don't be afraid of making something too advanced; there's always an audience for the very high level.
  • As you go about your working day, write down all the small things you do to speed up your work, little tips you think other people might not know, and general trivia. After a while, you'll have a bunch of ideas for training and resources you can do, which can now be recorded or put into an ebook. 

The size of your audience

  • When making training, you can go incredibly broad or very specific on a topic. A broad topic could be Introduction to ZBrush while a specific could be Making Steampunk Spaceships. Think about the size of your potential audience. Sometimes you're torn between making products which a few people will really like and products which a lot of people will find to be OK. By having a narrow focus, you will definitely have a smaller customer base, but they will also most likely be more engaged. A smaller customer base doesn't mean you'll sell less, as a small but loyal base will often come back for more, potentially providing you with a steady stream of income.

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