Payoneer, Wise and Online-Only Banks

Some of our creators have a dedicated USD account while living outside of the US. Our system is designed to pay you based on your location and this can actively get in the way for some people. If you for example have a USD account with Wise, but you live in Germany and input your German address you will only be presented with the option to get paid to your local bank in EUR. This article will guide you through how to get paid to your USD account regardless of where you're living.

Please note that Payoneer doesn't always accept payments through our payment processor. This is unfortunately out of our hands as Payoneer decides whether or not to accept incoming payment.

For the most part, it's possible to get paid to your online-only bank, but requires you to reach out to our Support.
In some cases, certain IBAN numbers will not be supported if the bank is not recognized by our payment processor.

The example below shows how to start setting up your payout info if you have an account with

1 - Connect Bank Account

2 - Fill out the address of your bank (We will manually change this later in order to comply with our payment processor)In this example I've used a known bank address which comes from Yours might be different if you use something like Payoneer for instance.

3 - Input your bank details as you normally would. It's VERY important that your name is your full legal name and that what you've input in the previous step matches the name you have in your bank and the field called "Name of Account Holder"

However, if we try to pay you based on these details, the payment will fail.

After you've entered everything, send us an email at Support here with the full address of where you're currently living including:
- Country
- Street
- City
- Region
- Postal/Zip code

In some cases, we might ask for more details depending on where you live but in most cases this will be enough.

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