Storewide Sales - How does it work?

Sales are a great way to boost revenue and have made it really easy for you to participate in any capacity you like.
Storewide Sales are shown to significantly increase earnings, so we highly recommend participating in all sales.
Custom Discount Percentage
You can select a custom discount percentage. This means it's entirely up to you how much you want to discount your products during a Storewide Sale.
Instant Opt-in & Opt-out
You also have the ability to instantly opt-in and out of any Storewide Sale by pressing the little toggle in your dashboard. By default, you are opted in with a default discount percentage of 50%. You can change your preferences anytime you want.
Category Sales
Storewide Sales will not always apply to all products. We've developed the feature so it allows us to only affect products in specific categories, which means we're also hosting smaller, more frequent sales to give your customers the best possible deals.
A countdown will be displayed on your product pages when you are participating in a sale that ends in less than 48 hours.

Configure your sales dashboard here

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